Tin Tie Paper Coffee Bags are Perfect for Your Artisan Cookies, Muffins, and Candy

30 May 2014
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Tin Tie Paper Coffee Bags are Perfect for Your Artisan Cookies, Muffins, and Candy. Do you want your baked goods to have a fresh look and offer homemade appeal? Artisan made products are in high demand. What a better way to package your locally made cookies, muffins, candy and coffee than with our high quality tin tie bags? Made from grease-resistant natural kraft paper, these coffee bags have a tin-tie fold own opening. The bags are sturdily constructed and are re-closable. Show off your brand by decorating the bags with your name on it. Different sizes of these bags meet every need and offer the ability to control portions. Choose from the smaller 1/2 pound size as well as the larger 1 pound and 2 pound paper coffee bags. The largest tin-tie paper coffee bag is the 5 pound. These tin tie bags offer a green solution since they are PLA-lined. PLA is a corn-based polymer and is compostable. This environmentally friendly renewable resource is efficient to manufacture. Another plus for the environment is that these coffee bags take up less space for shipping as compared to plastic containers. So consider this green solution when deciding how to package your coffee and baked goods.



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