An attractive package gives the first impression of the product and creates an image of the company. A well-chosen package is an essential part of the successful whole.

Combining ecology, attractiveness, traditionality, and trendiness, a paper bag is package with multiple possibilities.

As a result of constant product development we are able to offer our customers the latest solutions, materials, and possibilities. We are using state-of-the-art technology and 8-colour flexo printing machines.

Our core expertise is to produce high quality partial window paper bags. Window form, size and place can be defined according to customer taste which ensures large printable space with window. Window can be circular, curved, or for example, take the form of a diamond or a heart.




We will ensure that all the requirements for flour, sugar and flake bags are met.

Essential features of flour, sugar and flake bags are sift proofness, rigidity to stand in automatic packaging, and impeccable printing. Printing up to 8 colours, bags with or without window, or with partial window.


Attractive and delicious printings and different window forms enable to produce a paper bag for every taste. Paper bag is nature friendly and easy-to-use for sweets, nuts, dried fruit, and snacks.

Standard printed paper bags

We have variety of readymade paper bags in our stock which are great alternative for a custom printed paper bag. Paper bags from stock for all uses: standard-sized bags for general use or paper bags for bread, buns, gifts, sweets and standard-sized bags.

Printed reels

We can provide printed paper, coated papers and paper with window. Our latest state-of-the-art printing machines together with our know-how ensure high-quality printing and provide our customers with outstanding results.

Bakery and Confectionery

High quality paper bags for hand- and automatic packaging. Wide range of different possibilities in sizes, structures, materials, coatings, and windows. For example greaseproof materials keep the taste and the appearance of the product, and different coated materials give more shelf life for sliced bread. Printing up to 8 colours.

Grill products / Wrappers / Take Away

Take away paper bags are distinctive ads. Paper bag is stylish, practical and high-quality alternative, and above all a great way to take away rolls, muffins, sandwiches and baguettes.

Greaseproof materials ensure that the product stays delicious and the paper bag or wrapper intact.


We strengthen our strategy aiming to be a forerunner. We develop our products according to our customer requirements and create new innovative possibilities to take advantages of the paper packages.

Our efficient and close co-operation with our business partners and material suppliers, our practical expertise and in-depth knowledge together with our superior technology enables the use of the newest materials and possibilities. Our product development is continuously delivering new possibilities and better solutions for packing in paper bag.

Quick response to our customer needs and helping our customers to pack products even better and more efficiently is our priority.

Among the official merits, our product development team has been awarded with National Innovation Honorary Prize in year 2003.

The emphasis of our product development at the moment

- more efficient use of compostable materials

- use of the novel materials which give value for products

- new structural possibilities in order to help automatic packaging and sealing

- novel printing techniques and design possibilities



Packaging Resources Inc. is a full-service food packaging resource company. Bakeries, quick service restaurants, convenience store chains, food processors and redistributors use our products, tools and knowledge to package and present their food product.

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