Specializing in injected plastic packaging, IML/PRI Packaging Company plays a major role in the In-mold labeling (IML) packaging market in North America. In-mold labeling eliminates the need for secondary processes for labeling, and helps lend structural stability to thin-walled plastic containers. The printing result is outstanding. Images are great for product advertising, marketing, and ultimately – sales. IML packaging is also highly resistance to scratching, humidity, heat, cooling, deep freezing and microwaving. IML/PRI products are uniquely designed with high-quality printing decoration. The label is printed offset with up to 6 colors. They are tamper evident, leak resistant, and mono-material.

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- Distinctive shape and design attracts attention and offers versatility

- Premium, high-quality container preserves and showcases your food product

- 100% recyclable base and lid are easy to dispose of and eco-friendly

- Polypropylene material can be chilled, microwaved and reused

- Secure closures and tabs prevent tampering and spills

- Freezer grade products available upon request

- Rigid construction is leak and shatter resistant

- We offer custom packaging to meet your food product need.* Minimum quantity per run is required

- Various supports can be used (polypropylene, polyethylene, white or transparent, etc.) and oxygen or light barriers (EVOH, aluminum, etc.) can be included.

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Injection process with In-Mold Labeling (IML)

Various resins are available (PP, PE, PS, etc.)

Personalized or generic forms



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