Fast Paced Foodservice

10 April 2014
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Fast paced foodservice: How plastic film wrap works quickly and easily

The first objective in a busy kitchen is immediate response to customers. Minimizing waste of plastic food film wrap or any food packaging is an essential and cost-effective way to operate. Grease-resistant boxes are designed with a safe slide cutter to prevent wasting plastic film. The safety slide cutter dispenses exactly the length that the server requires. Cooks, chefs, and caterers report that they can also cut the plastic film using only one free hand.
When caterers need food wrapped up and moved, cleanliness is another necessity. Effective plastic film wrap limits spills and contains mess. Boxes that are wipeable with an anti-humidity barrier (like PRI’s) keep the entire roll of plastic film clean and kitchen spaces more tidy. All 12, 18 and 24 inch plastic food film wrap rolls are fitted with rubber feet that, like the slide cutter, prevent slipping and add convenience.



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