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There is nothing more important than providing your customers a proper packed and closed food product. Prevent your food products from drying out, getting moist, getting stale, or decaying by choosing quality plastic bag closures. With 60 years in manufacturing experience in bag closures, Clipps provides quality bag closures that are made with virgin Polystyrene, available in 8 colors, and ISO 9001 certified. Clipps bag closures can also be printed with expiration dates or promotional information. Clipps bag closures are compatible with any kind of bag closing machines or can be applied by hand. Delight your customer with a packaging they can easily reseal after opening. Freshness is just a Clipps away!

Why Clipps?

1. Competitive prices

2. In stock and ready to ship

3. 60 years of experience in manufacturing bag closure.

4. Universally accepted by all bag closing equipment

5. Expiration date printing and traceability for food safety

6. Made from virgin Polystyrene for durability. 100% Recyclable!

7. Available in 8 color and 2 types of thickness

8. Certified under ISO 9001 quality standards

9. Pack and ship in quality boxes

10. Friendly customer service ☺

Clipps provides a great alternative option for your needs in bag closures! Call now at 708-447-7834 for your Free Sample* today and have a free consultation with our bag closure specialists.

You will learn how great Clipps' bag closures are and how easy it is to work with us!

*Samples based on availability.



Clipps in a box

Clipband Original

Clipband Xtragrip


U Clipps in a box


Twist Tie

Clipstrip plus



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