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Item #DescriptionQty AvailableOriginal PriceBest Value PriceBest Offer
CF1257LNYellow, Double-Pan Carrier w/ Comfort Grip Handles7$70.00$62.95
CF1257MAPink, Double-Pan Carrer w/ Comfort Grip Handles17$70.00$62.95
CF1257RTRed, Double-Pan Carrier w/ Comfort Grip Handles17$70.00$62.95
EX1117BUBlue Single-Pan Carrier35$55.00$39.95
EX1117RTRed Single-Pan Carrier82$55.00$39.95
EX1117SZBlack Single-Pan Carrier259$45.00$29.95
EX1217MAPink, Double-Pan Carrier 2$55.00$44.95
EX1257SZBlack, Double-Pan Carrier1$65.00$44.95
EX6200LEGreen, XL - Meal Delivery2$70.00$59.95
EY2200LEGreen, Square 19x191$55.00$49.95
EY2200LEGreen, Square 19x191$55.00$49.95
EY2200LNYellow, Square 19x203$55.00$49.95
EY2200RAOrange, Square 19x215$55.00$49.95
EY2200MAPink, Square 19x221$55.00$49.95
KA121Cold Pack9$85.00$55.64
HP184Hot Pack1$69.00$44.17
PR1260MAPink, Double-Pan Carrier w/ EZ Clean Liner1$70.00$59.95
PR1260RTRed, Double-Pan Carrier w/ EZ Clean Liner1$70.00$59.95
PR3217SZBlack, Double-Pan Carrier w/ EZ Clean Liner, Comfort Grip Handles135$65.00$49.95
TW8350BUBlue Half Tower 2-3 Pan Carrier Metal Pan Only22$165.00$148.95
TW8350RTRed Half Tower 2-3 Pan Carrier Metal Pan Only7$165.00$148.95
TW8350SZBlack Half Tower 2-3 Pan Carrier Metal Pan Only12$145.00$99.95
TW8545LNYellow Full Tower 4-5 Pan Carrier8$250.00$209.95
TR1 TrolleyRed Plastic Trolley for Tower will fit 25x184$100.00$79.95

The KangaBox –Insulated Food Carriers, a safe and convenient way to transport food while keeping it hot or cold.

The Kangabox food carrier is an ultra lightweight, insulated thermal food carrier with a high temperature resistance that keeps food hot or cold - safely - for an extended period of time. 



Packaging Resources Inc. is a full-service food packaging resource company. Bakeries, quick service restaurants, convenience store chains, food processors and redistributors use our products, tools and knowledge to package and present their food product.

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