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Item #
Qty AvailableOriginal PriceBest Value Price
EX1117RTRed Single-Pan Carrier34$55.00$39.95
KA121Cold Pack6$85.00$54.95
HP184Hot Pack1$69.00$43.95
TW8350BUBlue Half Tower 2-3 Pan Carrier Metal Pan Only17$165.00$134.95
TW8350RTRed Half Tower 2-3 Pan Carrier Metal Pan Only4$165.00$134.95

Direct Pak
DPI-7x9-BB-LID7x9 BB entree lid 500/cs61$75.50$58.00
DPI-9x7-WGP-B7X9 BB entree base - lime green 500/cs20$110.50$84.99
TFP-SM-B-TGRN7X9 BB entree base - tropical green 500/cs21$106.50$82.00
TFP-SM-B-CPPR7x9 BB entree base - copper 500/cs19$106.50$82.00
COX-68-BB-LG6x8 BB hinged Lime Green container 250/cs7$65.50$48.99
TFSQ3BMeal container 3 compartment black with lid - 150/cs586$65.00$30.50
TF750B26oz Single Cell Black Meal Container w/lid 200/cs2$75.00$49.99
ADSLIDASLID, 8, 16, 32 oz Deli cup lid 500, 50/bag, 10/cs914$18.50$14.50
The POPUP SK12" pop up foil sheets, 500/box, 6 boxes/cs94$48.99$38.99
ET-41032-N32 oz heavy-duty deli container, clear, 400/cs58$83.36$67.00
LPF-410-NFlat lid for 32 oz deli container, clear, 1000/cs63$73.40$57.00
BU60100Clear Round Jar w/Black rubber seal, 10 oz capacity, 60/case22$161.05$129.99
BU60200Clear Round Jar w/Black rubber seal, 2 oz capacity, 240/case23$284.95$229.99
BU60210Clear Round Jar w/Black rubber seal, 4 oz capacity, 240/case21$384.63$314.99
IT120043 oz Paper Bowl w/clear PET lid, 100 sets/case78$49.05$39.95
523-NPXPaper Bread Bag 3.5x2x241$113.36$90.68
6534-NATKraft Paper Sandwich Bag 6x.75x7.255$43.40$34.72
CN-11 lb. coffee bag with tin tie & poly liner 4.25x2.5x10.5 - 1,000/cs4$158.00$126.40
CN-2PLA2 lb. coffee bag with tin tie & PLA liner, 5x3x12.25 - 500/cs1$105.22$84.17
CN-55 lb. coffee bag with poly liner, 6.5x4x18 - 500/cs8$127.35$101.88
CN-6WIN0.5 lb window coffee bag with tin tie & poly liner, 3.4x2.5x7.75 - 500/cs1$65.78$52.62
CW-6WIN0.5 lb. White window coffee bag with tin tie & poly liner, 3.4x2.5x7.75 - 500/cs5$81.85$65.48
TN-5Kraft window bag with tin tie & poly liner, 6x2.75x9.25 - 1,000/cs15$67.95$54.36
1290CB-NAT12x12 tissue sheet black checkerboard - 2,000/cs1$43.20$34.56
161616x16 dry wax white sheet - 3,000/cs2$136.07$108.85

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