Reversible Salad Bowls

10 April 2014
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Reversible Salad Bowls: Your Versatile Serving Solution

Practical and recyclable reversible bowls are attractive to your customers because of their elegant and well-built appearance. The bowls are designed with stylish lightweight PET plastic to make food appealing when your customers dine in and when they take food home.
The reversible bowl can be presented in two ways. First, you may use the black or clear bowl on the bottom with the clear lid on top. You can also choose to flip the arrangement, using the clear lid as the base with the black or clear bowl on top. The bowl-on-bottom presentation is great for traditional and casual venues. By placing the bowl on top, you can add more flair to formal events.
This dual-presentation container takes care of your food packaging needs at a wide range of occasions, both fancy and informal. Manufacturers have recently expanded bowl sizes for greater storage capacities (8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, 48 oz and 64 oz with four sizes of corresponding lids).
All newly available sizes help introduce customers to appetizing sweets, cakes, pastries, fruit, party mixes and more.
Reversible Bowl Info to Know:

  • Reversible bowls are suitable for supermarkets, self-services, carry out or dine in restaurants, industrial, hotels, home delivery, coffee shops
  • Bowls come in clear and black, both with clear lids




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